Why A Landline Is Valuable

5 Reasons To NOT Cut The Cord
1. 9-1-1 Service. Landline telephones provide the most accurate 9-1-1 locating service. Phone calls placed to 9-1-1 can be traced back to a landline phone and an address can immediately be pinpointed. Although, wireless location requirements are being upgraded, the accuracy of location data generally drops in rural areas. In the event of a natural disaster, cell phone towers may be damaged and overcrowded wireless networks may cause incomplete or dropped calls.

2. Reception. Landline telephones don’t require you to stand near a window or outside in order to hear and be heard when having conversations. Traditional corded landline telephones work everywhere in your house and the service is always reliable.

3. Power. Relying solely on a cell phone demands constant charging of your battery. Corded landline telephones are always on, and as long as you have a connection to the central office, you will have service.

4. Security. Landline telephones provide greater security during phone calls, especially when discussing sensitive and personal information, such as financial or medical information. Some wireless phone conversations can be intercepted through the radio waves they transmit. Many financial institutions recommend using a landline when discussing sensitive information over the phone.

5. Directory/Phone Books. Although some may view phone books as antiquated information, TrioTel provides an updated annual telephone directory; as well as an online search for local residential and business customers at www.localsolution.com. Wireless companies do not offer phone information for their subscribers and attempting to find mobile numbers can be difficult.
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