Top FAQ 5
My TV says “Signal Unavailable”. What should I do?

First, make sure your television is on the correct input, which could be one of the following: HDMI, Component, Composite, Video or Channel 3, depending on the type of TV you have. Newer TV’s usually use HDMI, Component, Composite or Video inputs. TV’s older than nine years will most likely use Channel 3.
To change inputs: On your remote, press the TV button located on the top left, and then press the input button located on the bottom left. (Or change the input by using your original remote that came with your TV.)

If changing the input doesn’t resolve the issue check your other TV’s to see if that particular channel or all channels are experiencing the same problem. If the problem is occurring on all of your TV’s, a particular channel may be experiencing a network issue or TrioTel may be having equipment trouble. Please call the TrioTel business office at 425-2238 or dial 611 with your landline telephone to inform us of the issue.
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