Top FAQ 4
I forgot my wireless network password?

You can retrieve your wireless network password by logging into your router. Follow the steps below according to the brand of the router. Note: TrioTel sells Linksys and NETGEAR brand routers.

Linksys Router
1. Check to make sure you are connected to the Internet. If you do not have access to the Internet, you will need to connect your computer (desktop or laptop) directly to your router with an Ethernet cable or use another computer that does have access to the Internet through your router.
2. Open a browser window such as Internet Explorer.
3. Type in the address bar and click Enter.
4. Enter in the username: admin
5. Enter in your TrioTel email password or enter in “admin
Note: If a TrioTel technician set up your wireless router and you have not reset it, then you would enter in your TrioTel email password.
6. Click on the wireless tab.
7. Click on the wireless security tab.
8. There will be a 12+ digit network key code or passphrase code. This is your wireless access password, which could contain numbers, letters, and numeric characters and is case sensitive.

NETGEAR home routers are manufactured with Factory Default Settings. These settings can be changed by the user to suit their individual requirements such as setting up parental controls, changing the default password, or enabling the guest network.

1. Locate the sticker on the bottom side of the router with the default access address, username, and password.

Call the TrioTel business office or TrioTel tech support if you are unable to retrieve your password.

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